Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mud Season

   Apparently March=Mud in this neck of the woods. We can concur. The temps have risen quite nicely and unseasonal heavy rains (2 inches in a 24-hour period) melted layers of snow and ice which the still-frozen ground cannot handle as of yet. The result is rivers of water and debris flowing over top and under the ice eroding away sections of our driveway, not to mention other drives and roads in the area. Last year we saw the effects of heavy rainfall in the way of flooding, but heavy rain on frozen  ground is another matter altogether. It really does pay to see what effect the four seasons have on your property before building.

   “Mud Season” also means spring has arrived. I am only too happy to feel the warmth of a 53 degree day, like yesterday, and see the return of the glorious mountain bluebird, hopping robin, grey jay, and the song they bring with them to the forest! I also look forward to a bit more indoor space since the dogs will be able to spend more time outside (which they yearn for too), as well as the opportunity to comfortably spend more time out-of-doors ourselves. The walls of a travel trailer feel much more confining after winter!

   Spring also means baby animals… everywhere! Our ranch welcomed the year’s first American Milking Devon calf (a heifer) two weeks ago and a litter of English Shepherd puppies one week ago. Last Monday the chicks that will comprise our laying flock arrived.

   Then there is the building of our cabin. Such excitement! We’re gearing up!

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