Sunday, May 13, 2012


    We recently had the pleasure to visit "offgridbob"- a reader, frequent commenter, and blogger himself- at his cabin nearby. What a true pleasure! The things he and his wife are accomplishing at their place are inspirational, educational, and motivational. It is one thing to put one's own plans, hopes, and dreams onto paper but quite another to see someone with very similar systems actually put into place and working. Very well, I might add! Folks, a small, sustainable off-grid life is fully doable!

    Thank you for letting us come, and thanks to your wife for the absolutely mouthwatering jam!!!

    I thought about giving a brief overview of their cabin, etc., but then a brilliant idea hit... how about a guest blogger post? What say you, offgridbob?   :)

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offgridbob said...

I,m not sure how that would work but when I come to visit we can work something out I'm sure. Glad the Jam was tasty, Carol does well with her Jams.