Friday, January 11, 2013

They Fly By

 Looking back on the last year we have so much to be grateful for. Ranching together for one thing! Spring started with baby animals galore: 25 Speckled Sussex chicks, 5 English Shepherd puppies (one never left!), 3 American Milking Devon calves, and a few bunnies. It was quite a springing! ~ We were excited to be invited by the Washington State University extension office to present a rabbit workshop at their local livestock production seminar. ~ We had the pleasure of heartwarming visits from family far away! ~ Reconstructing the fallen bridge has been slow due to unusually wet weather and other setbacks. Priorities can change in the blink of an eye out here. ~ We started building our cabin! ~ The late fall arrival of a small spinner’s flock of Shetland sheep- you should see their stunningly beautiful fleece. ~ And we’ve made so many good friends in our new hometown!

Summer stayed late, and winter arrived late but it’s here for the duration. Last Sunday night over a foot of powdery snow fell. So far this winter we’ve received close to 3 feet, but 2 of that melted during the above-average warm Nov/Dec. With overnight temperatures predicted to drop far below 0 for the next couple days, now it’s a matter of making sure we all keep warm enough. It's been strange weather!

2013 promises to be unlike any other year in many ways. What changes are you personally excited about? We look forward to concentrating on growing more food as we install the vegetable and herb gardens as well as a small berry patch; the cabin will be completed… we can hardly wait to move in; preserving some of the harvest; learning to work with our first crop of wool; and being creative in doing more with less.

One thing is certain… the year will fly by as usual!