Saturday, October 26, 2013

Going Batty

After a day of installing insulation, we had a pretty good system down. The batts are an eco-friendly type... without treatment of chemicals like formaldehyde.

That's all, for now, folks! You'll have to wait another week or so for pics of the interior.   :)

Exterior & Windows

The exterior covering is very simple... tyvek, plywood and slab wood over the seams (not done yet so pics of that detail will be later).

The windows are double pane, of course, two are single hung, one is a slider and a double hung for in the loft.

The Roof

In the words of my nephew "You now have a shelter."

roof joists


tar paper

galvalume metal in place

Raising Walls

A group of wonderful, salt of the earth folks (friends and relatives all!) came for a day, and many scattered days thereafter, to help with this project. We are thankful beyond words. You know who you are!!!

wall #1- north side

wall #2- east side

all four!

loft floor joists

upper walls to support the roof

A Bunkhouse

After a famine of posts, get ready for a feast! We have been crazy busy building a bunkhouse. It's 12 x 12 feet, on skids, with a shed style roof, built with passive solar design in mind with lumber milled from our own trees. Very cool. And cute! 

In future, guests will have a cozy, private little space all their own! With amazing mountain view of the other side of the creek valley.

 A series of posts with construction photos follow.

Here are pics of the floor...

built upside down, insulation and skids are added

turning it over

putting on the plywood flooring

dragging it into location

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Arrivals

The first batch of English Shepherd puppies has arrived - Fahey and Ailagh are the proud parents of Ten beautiful, vigorous babies! Born on October 21st there are 6 females, 4 males, in Tricolor and Black & Tan.

These are very special Puppies to us, being our 2nd generation of Naturally Reared dogs. We are accepting applications, so contact us to request one if interested.

Follow the weekly PDF updates at .

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Love That Scent

I think the scent of cut wood is amazing, especially fresh wood. So the aroma coming from this gorgeous load of freshly milled fir and tamarack lumber, from our own woodland, is really a thrill!

Things are zipping right along lately!