Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun at the Ferry County Fair

With our spirits so low, we really, really needed a diversion. So we splurged and treated ourselves to a day at the county fair. What fun! 

We got to see numerous entries by friends, from animals to a single flower, bread, jam, photographs, and a quilt. These even inspired us to enter next year! Then there was the fair food – pulled pork nachos (yum!) and my favorite… cotton candy. Hey, it’s only once a year right?

We heard the Pony Express race put on by members of the Colville tribe was a definite must-see, so we went home to take care of the afternoon/evening chores and then went back for the race, as well as barrel racing, mutton busting (too cute to miss!) and bull riding. Apparently, our little fair is unique in that it is one of the last fairs in Washington to still have horse racing. And what a sight to behold! Wow, talk about athletes, both human and equine. We’re glad we went back, although an EMT friend said she hates it since she is usually standing by for any injuries.

Our spirits were refreshed from an entire day of not thinking about our problems, visiting with friends, and getting in touch with the community a bit more.

At 5 a.m. Tom woke up with the stomach flu. Ugh.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bridgeless in Republic

In the beginning, the bridge was bad. People hesitated before proceeding, getting out of their car to test it. Or flat our refused to cross it at all. The first time I had to drive across in the truck, which I wasn’t sure of my position on the road in, I had an anxiety attack. Not a pretty sight.

From there it went from bad to worse, with practically each crossing, especially so if one was hauling much weight, more pieces of rotten wood fell into the creek 4 feet below.

Worse has finally become a wreck. Tom had the truck loaded. As he reached the other side of the bridge he heard a crack and felt the rear axle crash through. He gassed it. Thankfully it pulled up and out the now gaping hole with no damage to the truck itself. Once more after that he drove the truck across.

Now there is no bridge. It has been demolished in preparation for reconstruction. Demolition revealed it was in worse shape, even from the beginning, than we thought. We’re fortunate to have been able to use it this long! Without it as our only access, we drive the car to the bridge, walk across on well-placed beams, and drive the truck from there. Oh bother.

At a Low

 We are feeling pretty low. It’s been one difficulty after another all year… overcome one only to have 2 more strike. We’re way behind in our plans, the bridge collapsed, terrible issues with our renters, and now winter is moving in fast. Last week the nighttime temperatures already dropped into the mid-30’s. Brr. And no snug cabin in sight. To be brutally honest, something won’t survive another winter in this fifth-wheel. I am amazed by people who have endured in a travel trailer for numerous years. I don’t know how they did it. More power to those who are currently doing so!

Amidst all the depression are the bright sunny spots that help deflect the dark clouds- friends and neighbors pitching in to help in various ways. Thank you all!!!!!