Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Officially Off-the-Grid

We are officially off the electric grid now!

About one month ago we disconnected. Unfortunately, we don't have a pv system yet so we are still heavy on the fossil fuel grid. Sigh.

It's been a learning curve.

Keeping the batteries maintained. Making sure we have gas for the generator (which we affectionately call "geny"). Remembering to take our power cord with us to charge the laptop at the library, etc. Weaning ourselves off watching movies in the evening to conserve on fuel used to power the geny which charges the laptop. So much to think about!

It sure will be nice to generate our own solar power soon!

Late Spring Rains

Goodness gracious, we've had tons (a slight exaggeration) of rain the past 2 weeks! It's slowed up final stages of the infamous bridge re-construction, but sure does make plants grow beautifully.

Here is a pic of our hugelkultur beds. We didn't get nearly as many built and planted as we wanted, but this fall we will. In the meantime we're sort of experimenting.   ;)  The pic above shows the potatoes in one loving life! That was taken 2 weeks ago, they are twice that size now.

Yum, taters!


... the newest addition to our English Shepherd pack… Highland Glenn’s Blackrock Ailagh! 

Ailagh is a beautiful Black & Tan female who came to us by way of her owner/breeder whose life circumstances changed dramatically. She needed to find a home for Ailagh in which she could blossom contentedly. Interestingly enough, we had hoped to get a female from Ailagh’s litter (knowing the cross with Liam’s lines would be a good one) but decided to keep one of our puppies. Isn’t it funny how things happen? 

We are simply tickled pink to have her! Ailagh (pronounced AY-la) and Fahey met last fall, hitting if off right away. Well they are the best of mates now!

Ailagh is Naturally Reared like our dogs so will expand our line of Naturally Reared English Shepherds.