Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Late Spring Rains

Goodness gracious, we've had tons (a slight exaggeration) of rain the past 2 weeks! It's slowed up final stages of the infamous bridge re-construction, but sure does make plants grow beautifully.

Here is a pic of our hugelkultur beds. We didn't get nearly as many built and planted as we wanted, but this fall we will. In the meantime we're sort of experimenting.   ;)  The pic above shows the potatoes in one loving life! That was taken 2 weeks ago, they are twice that size now.

Yum, taters!


offgridbob said...

I have read about those beds and will use you guys for a test plot to see how they work out. I didn't see any fencing to keep those pesky deer out , good luck with that one, they love salad. Hope to hear the bridge is done, Yea when that day comes, are you going to have a bridge christening ? Have fun you two.

The Beers said...

Hi Bob!

You bet we'll have a party!!!

No deer fence right now. So far they aren't doing too much damage to the potatoes and onions or herbs, but they love the sunchokes. Grr. Nothing else is planted because of not having deer protection. Our dogs will do a good job once we get the trailer moved up top.