Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Ready!

Only four days until we head out on our trip to look at land! After so many months of searching listings, comparing Google Earth and on-line topographical maps, and accessing all information on each property we could possibly find, it's almost hard to believe we are now at this stage. We are, oh, so ready!!!

We bought a sturdy day-pack from L.L. Bean and filled it with the following: digital camera and extra batteries, compass, various surveying levels for Tom to play around with slopes and grades, maps, topo maps of the particular area, measuring tape, camping shovel to peek at the soil, pencils, pen, graph paper, a three-ring binder containing our "Land Buyer's Checklist" and lots of blank pages to write down all pertinent information about each property, water canteen, and nuts to snack on. Seems like there's more, but I can't recall at this very moment.

Motel reservations are made, driving directions printed out, pet care set-up, suitcase almost packed. Oh yeah, also equiped with oodles of enthusiasm! :)