Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stage One

   The first stage of winterizing the travel trailer is completed, that of stacking straw bales around it for insulation. It took 70 bales! The difference it made immediately was amazing. We can already maintain a comfortable 67-69 degrees F with mostly the oil electric heater, only using the propane furnace when we need to kick it up if very cold outside, as in less than 25 degrees. 

   The next and final stage is building a room on the side of the trailer to house the wood stove and give us a bit more room. That will be especially nice during winter when we spend more time inside due to less sunlight and cold weather. It will make a much better area for wet dogs to dry off, contain wet boots and coats, as well. It’s getting pretty dicey dodging four pairs of boots, a water hose (to keep it from freezing outside), two dogs, a cat, and cold damp coats hanging from cupboard doors!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Four Days Later

   And four days later, one of the same views only with snow!

Pretty Fall Colors

  Here are a couple shots showing the beautiful golden tamarack trees on the mountainsides. It is simply gorgeous here in autumn!

Waving "Hello"!

   Yes, we're still here! Sheesh, it's been one crazy summer I never want to repeat. Long and sad and lonely, yet at the same time peaceful and healing, too. What many of you do not know is that I spent from May until the end of October up here, in the travel trailer, with the dogs and cat and cattle, by myself 75% of the time. Tom was traveling back and forth every weekend to work on the coast. I thought at the beginning my limit to living this lifestyle would be August. I was dead on. However, things beyond our control forced us to continue. I did reach my breaking point. A few times. Let's suffice it to say there were many tearful telephone conversations between myself and Tom, as well as other family. I am infinitely grateful that we are here together now!!!!!! We are both finally full-time, permanent residents (address changed with the post office, DOL, and all!) albeit in a TT for now.

  So, what's happening in our neck of the woods? We are in the process of winterizing the travel trailer. What is involved in "winterizing" the trailer? Our version is stacking bales of straw around the trailer (which made at least a 15 degree difference instantly), and building on a little room which will contain a wood stove for more efficient, less-expensive heating. We got most of the straw bales up just in the nick of time, too - the very next morning we got our first snow... 3 inches! Being sited in the trees means that not much sun reaches the site, thus the snow is still on the ground. temperatures haven't been above 35 degrees in over a week. Welcome to winter! A trace amount of snow fell yesterday morning, and then just a few flurries today. More pictures will be forthcoming, but here is one of Tom getting ready to unload straw.    ;)