Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stage One

   The first stage of winterizing the travel trailer is completed, that of stacking straw bales around it for insulation. It took 70 bales! The difference it made immediately was amazing. We can already maintain a comfortable 67-69 degrees F with mostly the oil electric heater, only using the propane furnace when we need to kick it up if very cold outside, as in less than 25 degrees. 

   The next and final stage is building a room on the side of the trailer to house the wood stove and give us a bit more room. That will be especially nice during winter when we spend more time inside due to less sunlight and cold weather. It will make a much better area for wet dogs to dry off, contain wet boots and coats, as well. It’s getting pretty dicey dodging four pairs of boots, a water hose (to keep it from freezing outside), two dogs, a cat, and cold damp coats hanging from cupboard doors!


offgridbob said...

Hi again and thanks for the come back. The couple that pre-bought our place here in Nine Mile Falls have been living in my 23 foot fifth wheel with 4 kids and one on the way for number five. I have been helping them get a house/barn done so they can move in before winter. It is 30x14 and we are almost done enough for them to set up house. They think it is a mansion after living in the 23ft fifth. It's all in perspective I guess.We will be up to the mountain house this next weekend to do some burning.
Bob & Carol

Linda said...

Quite a few years ago I lived in a travel trailer during one winter. I about froze! Thankfully I didn't live in it the following winter, but if I had of, I had planned to do like you are doing and stack strawbales around the trailer... sounds like it is going to work for you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Krystal
I hope things are going better now that Tom us there. I have also purchased a TT, a 26' and it is parked on my Chewiliken Valley property. I hope to get a snow roof overtop next spring. For now it is wrapped in blue tarps and winterized. Im here on the coast until spring, but plan to be in your area again in the spring. Keep up the good work, and I like the idea of the hay bales, had wondered if they would work. Send more pics! Janet B Shelton/Tonasket

Annie said...

Hi Krystal,

How are you folks faring out there on your land?? Great idea with the haybales!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday!