Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nifty Item!

  I thought I’d post occasionally about items that I find helpful in either an off-grid or small space setting. No, I don’t receive any monies for mentioning these products!

  Here is a really nifty set of three stack-able cooling racks. They are stainless steel, which I always prefer, quite stable while stacked 3-high and loaded with chocolate chip cookies, and the feet fold for small space storage in their box. The fact that they stack gives you 3 times the amount of cooling space in the same small footprint on the counter! In the photo you can see why space is such an issue for me right now. There you can see all but the stove of my entire kitchen. Itty bitty, eh! Not to mention not much storage space either. This cooling rack set suits us wonderfully!

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