Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Like No Other Spring

  The spring of 2012 promises to be one the likes of which we’ve never experienced. We have baby bunnies, chicks on the way, calves due (literally any day!), a soon-to-be milk cow, and a litter of puppies. We are over the moon with excitement! And then, as soon as the ground is workable we plot/plant the vegetable/herb garden, build a root cellar, and start construction on the cabin. There are those butterflies in my stomach again! Until then, we will be quite busy with baby animals.    ;)


Amanda said...

Aw, congrats, I bet those puppies will be super adorable. 2012 sounds like it'll be a great year for you, I'm a little jealous at how much fun you're going to be having! :)

offgridbob said...

Greetings my friends from offgrid bob. I have been up on the mountain now for a little over a week and a half putting in the kitchen cabinets. When I came back from republic after church, I was wondering I was wondering if I was going to make it back to the cabin. Not because of the ice but the top two inches of the road was mud. Root cellars are fun.