Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spring 2011 Update

  Well, what a spring it's been! Updates have been nil due to my not having a computer. But it doesn't mean I haven't been writing. I actually keep a notebook nearby to jot down all future posts.   ;)   I have access to my pc for a few days so am making sure to update all of our blogs (see below for a list). Thank you for your patience!

  For the most part things have been going well in our Temporary Shelter (read: travel trailer), country life. It has its challenges and constraints for sure - like learning to step over/around two dogs and shoes without tripping and killing oneself (sort of like that game Twister!), adjusting to a postage stamp-sized bathroom complete with shower stall made for an 8 year old, keeping all the dishes washed up so one can actually use the minuscule amount of counter space the kitchen affords, and learning to make your bed while in/on it, etc. After about two weeks we hit our stride and fell into a nice routine. One things for certain, we adore being out in the country!!!

  Although we aren't off-grid yet, it's very much like glorified camping. We had much more rain than usual, than before anyone alive can recall. Camping + rain does not = enjoyable, however. It does add up to mud & dirt & wet coats hanging on cabinet doors to dry. Of one thing I am absolute certain... after living in our travel trailer TS, I am firmly believe they were never designed nor meant to actually live in, full time. And also, as tiny as it will be, our humble cabin is going to feel spacious and solid!

  Watch for an upcoming post about my off-grid laundry system!    :)

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