Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Disappointment & Heartbreak

  Tom and our nephew C. made the Big Cattle Drive back to Missouri and Arkansas to collect our started herd of six American Milking Devon cattle in May. What a ride!!! You'll have to read about that adventure on our Ranch blog, when I can actually get Tom to write it down.

  Five days after their arrival, one of the two pregnant heifers went into labor. She delivered a stillborn calf. Disappointing to be sure. But at least she is fine. One more heifer is due in August/September.

  Then, two days after that event, tragedy struck. Our dogs contracted a superbug from the packaging or some organic chicken. Our female, Greer, recovered. But our main companion/working stud dog, Eoin, died. The emotional devastation has been incredible, the grief immense. Our female that survived went into a depression; they were very bonded. We need at least two dogs out here and with her in the state she was, we knew we needed to get another pup started sooner rather than later. So on July 1st a male English Shepherd pup named Liam joined our family! No dog could ever take Eoin's place, but we are looking forward to watching little Liam grow and mature into the best dog he can be. And he is a wonderful puppy who is already bringing joy and helping all our hearts heal.

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