Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Queen of the Sun


offgridbob said...

I have believed for years that our sprays are killing us in so many different ways. My first realization of this was when I was in Nam and saw what agent orange did and even though our Government said it would not hurt animals or people, well we all know how truthful that was.Are you guys planning on keeping some bees? What altitude are you sitting at?
Bob & Carol

The Beers said...

I agree Bob! And then there is the plethora of chemical additives in processed foods which, sadly, have become the staple of the American diet. We personally feel so much better when we avoid them all!

Although I would like to experience keeping bees, Tom isn't so keen on the idea. But at the very least I would love to offer space for a local beekeeper to put a couple hives, in exchange for a share of the liquid gold! ;)

Our land ranges from approximately 2800- 3200 ft. in elevation.