Tuesday, April 12, 2011


  We just got back from an all-too-quick-trip out to Republic last weekend. Tom had work in Spokane, being that close we figured might as well take the opportunity to go check out the trailer site situation in advance. Looks all in order.   ;)

  This was the earliest in spring we'd been out there. Not too much in bloom or budding out yet, but pretty much all the snow is gone, except for spots of deep shade and of course the mountain tops. It was also the first time to drive up through Colville and Kettle Falls, and through Sherman Pass... the highest in the state. What a beautiful drive! We so look forward to exploring the region!

  We enjoyed a brief visit with a couple neighbors. And the dogs sure loved exploring while we checked things out! Eoin dug a huge hole in pursuit of some underground critter! I was thrilled to discover a pine tree oozing fragrant pitch (resin)!!! I collected some to make a healing salve. The bounty of Nature for a family herbalist is a treasure indeed!

  Next week is the trailer deep cleaning and then I begin packing it. Time is flying by!

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