Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Breathe

  Months spent purging, de-cluttering, organizing, packing away persoanl items, fretting, planning, projects. And then three grueling days deep cleaning, more projects, more de-cluttering, more organizing.

  Finally, our city house is on the market... For Sale!!!!!

  We couldn't have done it without the help of our daughter and a friend! Is the work finished? By no means. There are still small painting jobs to complete, tidying of the backyard and patio, and of course the big front yard landscaping project. Not to mention the everyday task of keeping the house tidy and clean, with three indoor pets. But at least the house is up For Sale!

  It feels like a giant step forward. Certainly the last step that will (hopefully soon!) put us on the highway headed toward life on our land, building the Ranch. My heart beasts faster when I think of the point we've reached, what it will mean. Excitement and trepidation.

  Breathe, just breathe.


Rae said...

Huge congrats! We're still in the middle of the purging/moving/cleaning with our city house. I can't wait until I get to write that it's on the market. This comment may be weeks after the fact, but congrats all the same!

The Beers said...

Hi Rae! It's only been three weeks since we listed, so not too late in my opinion to offer up congrats! It still feels like a huge step, and it is! We've had a little interest so far, but no offers... yet. One open house down, one more to go. Whew, it sure is a lot of work selling a house, especially when one has indoor pets! LOL

We wish you the best in your endeavors as well! :))

offgridbob said...

You may be up to the homestead first but we have a leg up on the construction If you google "off the grid and out of my mind" you will see our simple little blog about our efforts. We are not to far from curlew going west and north.We go up there at least twice a month to check on things and continue to build. My wife carol doesn't retire for the next two years but I will call it quits this august and focus on finishing it up.
Bob & Carol