Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quiet On The Home Front

  But you already guessed that! A little bit of this and and a little bit of that, but nothing much. Not much in the way of our relocation, sad to say. 

  Tom did got a large chunk of the front yard overhaul done over Labor Day weekend. And then our pick up broke down. Poor Tatanka. Something with the transmissions second gear band fork breaking. What significance is this? Well, we are trying to give our house more curb appeal to help selling it. No dump truck (yes, Tatanka has a dump bed. I know, way cool!) means we can't finish the landscape. And, it also means that Tom can't get out to the land to finish staking the driveway, much less actually begin cutting it in. Seems our hopes of possibly moving out this fall or winter won't be realized. Sigh.

  Two bits of exciting news- we became grandparents for the third and fourth times! Another baby girl and our first grandson!!! Having three daughters and three grand daughters, a boy in the family is a pretty big deal.

  Upon our return from Republic in May, literally the closer we got to the city, it began to rain. And it didn't really stop until, oh, somewhere around July 9th. We enjoyed, more like reveled in, about one month of summer. Even the three hot (95 degree) days. Last week the familiar feel of fall rains have once again settled upon us. Egads! I love rain, really I do, but with so much this year I'm not sure I am at all ready for this. On top of that, 'they' are predicting a wet, cold La Nina winter for the entire Pacific Northwest. What I wouldn't give for another 90 degree day. Or a fire in the wood stove.

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