Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Bites

  The house has been on the market for one month now. It's been shown a few times and one caravan open house was held. No bites yet. Except me biting my own nails. We lowered the price a bit. Our realtor said it was a good time to do this while it is still a fairly new listing. And she also feels positive about it selling within our hoped-for time frame of moving in March or April. From her lips into the universe!


offgridbob said...

This is the worst time of a move, is waiting for it to sell. We went through that once, that's why we pre-sold.My wife and I would like just about all on your poll. We enjoy watching how others do things in the homestead arena.I glean ideas to use to improve our place and if you need some help while we are up at our place maybe we could offer our help since were almost neighbors, it would not be hard to do. Keep us in mind

The Beers said...

Thanks for the feedback, Bob! In a county with so few residents as Ferry, we're all neighbors! We get ideas and inspiration from others, too, that's one reason we wanted to have this blog... to help others on a similar adventure.