Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whole Lotta Shakin'

I just made butter! Yep, real butter from raw Jersey cream. I've been wanting to try it for ever so long, but one reason or another, or intimidation, prevented me. Well, Monday I got a delivery of fresh milk and this morning it was either shake the cream back into the milk, or skim it and give it a go. You can guess which I chose!

I skimmed the luscious cream into a quart size jar, screwed the lid on, and commenced shaking. Pretty low tech, eh? I figured it would take 20 minutes or so. About 8 minutes in, I decided I might as well make it into a workout of some sort, goodness knows I need the exercise. So I began walking around the house. All of the sudden, liquid started oozing out from under the lid. I rushed to the sink, took the lid off. Lo and behold, there was a glob of butter in the jar! I transferred the butter into a bowl and finished by pressing the buttermilk (now that is real buttermilk!) out and draining until no more came. Voila, Sweet cream butter! And it only took 10 minutes! Tasty, too. :)

I am no longer intimidated by the thought of making butter. ;)


Amber said...

Sounds yummy & brings back many memories! Care to share? hehe

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Congrats on the butter and your quest for land!