Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Search Refined

This really is an interesting process, searching for land. Never having done this, or been close to anyone who did, we had no way of knowing exactly what all was involved. Just one more reason I started this Blog, to help others researching the idea themselves! ;)

Each week our preferences become more precise and the search is thus refined. We began searching the listings in a four county range. Huge, I know! Based on what is available, price, general topography, county building permit requirements and/or restrictions, etc, etc, etc, our focus is now down to two counties, Ferry and Stevens. Although, there is one lovely parcel in Pend Oreille county. We'll see, I am awaiting more details on several listings from Rachelle. Pus, I found a couple more new ones I've yet to show Tom. :)

The search continues...

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