Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Information Overload!

Yesterday was certainly one for the Blog! I spent a few hours on the telephone with two Realtors trying to find detailed information on properties that passed the first cut. The first lady, although helpful with a good sense of humor ("Cheers to the Beers"), didn't have an agent close enough to the preferred property locations for our liking.

I moved on to a Windermere office recommended by a new acquaintance in the Republic congregation, Michele. An agent named Rachelle Ramsey greeted me warmly. She was very helpful, very patient with all my questions, and new to real estate so we are learning some things together. Two lengthy conversations ensued during which Rachelle looked up 17 property listings! Looks like we now have an agent. ;)

It went something like this: Good access, NO access, snowshoe in 2 miles. Year-round creek, wet meadow, developed spring, drilled well, water unknown. Timber Class, Open Space. 20 acres, 24.91 acres, 30 acres. Corners flagged. Partially fenced. Level, rolling, sloped, steep. Partially cleared, heavily timbered, pasture. Tax i.d.#, water rights. That's about the time the red light, "Danger! Information Overload. Do Not Proceed. Complete Mental Shutdown May Occur!" began flashing before my eyes! And I thought the information collected from the various county Building & Planning Departments was a lot. Yet, even this is nothing compared to what's in store as far as our straw bale house blueprints go! However, my saving grace there is Tom. Other then the over all floor plan designing and basic elements, the technicalities and engineering are Tom's department completely. Fortunately, it's one of the many areas he shines!

At the end of the day, and 1/2 hour past Rachelle's normal quitting time, I might add (she's terrific!), six properties were crossed off "the list". This afternoon she hopes to have answers to more of my questions, to further narrow down the choices. Here we go again!

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