Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Vanishing Breed"

I first heard this song performed by Michael Martin Murphy many years ago. It rang true for me even then as a young single woman. Now, side by side with my beloved Tommy, it has become another of "our songs". In the chorus, just replace "log house" with 'straw house' and it suits us to a T.   ;)

Vanishing Breed
by Michael Martin Murphy/David Hoffner

We're both the kind who can find peace of mind
In the light of an old fireplace
Wrapped in a blanket, talking the night away
Watching snow falling
The lone wolf is calling out into the endless space
There aren't many left like us these days
Down where the city lights burn
I know we'll never return

Listen to the wind blow over the hills
Through whispering pines
Everything is free and all that we see
Is yours and mine
Just you and me
And this old log house
Is all that we need
That's why they call us a vanishing breed

It's good just knowing
That our love is growing
And we're gonna find a place
In a life we build with our own hands
Like wild horses running out under the sun
We're gonna find some space
There aren't many left like us these days
God's greatest gift to you and me
Is knowing how it feels to be free

(Repeat Chorus)

The melody is a catchy, upbeat lilt, just makes you want to whistle all day long. It's on his "River of Time" album (we have the cassette tape!). If you can find it, we highly recommend it (the entire album)!   :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! What a beautiful write-up!!!
If I wasn't a "CITY GIRL" I just might take you up on the country life! You make it sound so inviting! I always said you should be a writer!!! I hope you are keeping a copy of your most pictureque words!
I love & admire you.
You inspire me! your mother xoxo

The Beers said...

I love you, Mama.