Thursday, October 1, 2009

Corners & Views

You may have to strain a little to see the stakes, um scavenged sticks, in the photos. Do look in the background for a peek at some of the views we'll have. These are the corners of our house-

~ southwest to northwest corner, kitchen and living room along this side ~
sw to nw

~ northwest to southwest, opposite of above ~
nw to sw

~ southeast to southwest, bedroom and living room ~
se to sw

~ southeast to northeast, bedroom and bath ~
se to ne

~ northeast to breezeway, on north side between kitchen, mudroom and carport ~
ne to breezeway corner

And some of the views we'll enjoy while inside the house-

~ view south from the living room ~
view s from living room

~ view east from the bedroom ~
view e from bedroom

~ view southeast from the bedroom, a large window seat ~
view se from bedroom

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