Monday, September 14, 2009

Road Trip Four- Tom to the Land

Saturday August 22nd, Tom drove off into the rising sun to check out the lay of the land for a driveway. I stayed behind, again, with the critters. That's okay, my time is coming... and soon! He's pretty sure he found a route to put in an all-season driveway to the building site (or what we think will be the building site, but won't be 100% certain until meeting with Kelly next week.) Tom is a guy of few words, even more so when exhausted (he also has a great sense of humor), so I'll share with you a very abbreviated version of my 'interview' about his weekend:

(Sunday night, late)
K: Soooo, how was it?
T: Good. Too short. Man, it is so beautiful out there.
K: Did you see any wildlife?
T: There were chipmunks everywhere, on the ground, in the trees! And they did not like me being there.
K: That's too funny! hahaha
T: They kept dropping seeds from the trees, all over. Even chasing off the birds that landed in their tree!
K: What about the stars, were they really bright at night?
T: Oh, yes! It was incredible. I left the rain fly off the tent, so it was just the bug screen top. The stars were so bright and huge. They looked so close, like I could just reach up and touch them.
K: Did you sleep alright in the tent?
T: So so. I found an area where deer had been bedding down, so I figured they know what they're doing, right? Well, I found out a deer's body and a humans body should not sleep in the same location. The ground was rocky under the grass. I tried to stay out of the depression from them, but ended up in one anyway. I tossed and turned all night. Plus, I was cold all night. It was cold! And the sleeping bags were too thin and too short. So, I'm tired!
K: Was it at least nice and quiet?
T: NO! There were all kinds of noises. Even below ground. I couldn't figure out what it was, but think it was moles or something underneath me, since I made the mistake of putting the tent up under a tree, and they were chewing on the roots. I even thumped the ground with my fist... it stopped instantly. I could just imagine them under there saying: "Shh, what was THAT? Oh no, it's a monster! Run for your life!" hahaha
K: ahhahahahahaha
T: But the solar shower we got worked great! Only, I showered in the trees sort of... at dusk.... the skeeters ate me up. I even have bites on my bum! hahaha
K: Oh no! hahaha
T: And the camp coffee tasted great on the chilly morning.
K: Mm.
T: I didn't want to come home, you know.
K: Oh, thanks.
T: You know what I mean!
K: Yes, I do! Just teasing. (peck on the cheek) I don't blame you. You would have come back for us, though, right?
T: Always.
(Monday morning)
K: (answering the telephone) Hello, Hunny.
T: Why can't we just pack everything up right now and leave? I gotta get out of this rat race!
K: No 'hello, Hunnie' back or anything, huh? I know. I wish we could, too. Soon. We just gotta hang in there.

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