Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anticipation is a Killer

We are getting ready to go for our camping trip to the land. It'll be the first time I have personally stepped foot on it, but together also the first. Gathering supplies, washing the old camp kitchen, refreshing batteries in lights, planning the menu, thinking about activities for the week. Yeah, yeah, you know me, the Organizer; what can I say. ::shrug::

Wow, a whole week in Republic. On our land. It's sinking in. The anticipation is killing me!!!

We'll camp for 7 nights and 8 days. Kelly Lerner, our architect, will meet us there and also camp for a night to get a feel for the site, use her nifty solar pathfinder to pinpoint the best location for the house for solar gain and pv array, and talk about design details/materials. Too fun! I can't wait to document everything and report back here to all of you. :) Stay tuned!

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