Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter White

 As a young person, fun in the snow was the main attraction of the winter season I so loved. Adults said to me “just wait until you have to drive in or shovel it.” Some people don’t like winter because they think everything looks dead and ugly. Others consider snow an unmentionable word.

Even with their relative inconveniences I deeply appreciate and enjoy all the seasons. Fall is probably my favorite with its golden light, rich colors, crisp air, and fragrant ripe apples! Winter is next, even though I am an adult who has to deal with the hardships it brings.

To me winter is when the earth is at rest, simply sleeping under its cozy white blanket of snow. My mind’s eye envisions seeds and plant life underneath regenerated by their slumber just waiting for it to warm up so as to spring back to life!

I love how this white blanket softens the edges of our landscape and covers over a multitude of imperfections. I still enjoy playing in the snow or just watching the dogs gleefully plow and submarine through it! I love watching snowflakes float gently earthward like so many down feathers, landing as soft as a whisper, fascinated by the thought that each delicate crystal that has ever fallen since time began is unique from any other. I love the giant shimmering icicles that form along the roofs edge. I love how even on a cloudy day that pure white blanket reflects light and seems to brighten life. I love nights when the snow is awash in silvery moonlight. I love the glorious blue-sky days when practically blinded by the sun’s reflection on the sparkling surface, but oh how good it feels on the eyes! I love how quiet and peaceful the world around seems as the snow muffles sound.

As spring steadily approaches, I think how I will miss the snowy white blanket, but also how I will revel in the beauties of new life springing forth in their characteristic noisy fashion!

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offgridbob said...

Hay you mountain people good to hear from you again. Great picture by the way. Carol and I look at the season the same way. There is a verse in the bible that says Gods love covers a multitude of sin and I believe snow does the same thing until it melts then they are all there for me to see like didn't do enough there or should have picked that up before the snow started, you get the Idea.Take care you two , Bob & Carol