Saturday, October 27, 2012

Now It Begins

The weeds are cleared, corners staked, holes dug, roofing/insulation ordered. What do these things add up to? We have begun work on our tiny cabin!

Yes, it is a bit late in the season to begin. But my health and our sanity won’t allow another winter in the fifth wheel. So we’re racing the weather to get the concrete into the post holes. Once that is done the floor and roof need to go up quickly, too. From then on it won’t be as much of a race. With it being so small (18x18) it also won’t take long to go up. We have lots of friends willing to help, so we’ll host a cabin raising - complete with hot coffee/chocolate, muffins, soup, etc. for our hard-working helpers!

Photo 1- clearing the weeds off cabin site
Photo 2- weeds all gone
Photo 3- Greer "helps" with hubs for marking corners

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