Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Then There Was......

...... a puppy!!! You read that right... a puppy... 9 weeks old, just a baby. Another English Shepherd, she is what's called a Tri-color- black, white and tan markings. We collected her in Seattle on Sunday, so we are quite an active household these days. I feel a bit sleep-deprived as I'm crate/potty training her at night- listening for whining, taking her out 1 or 2 times per night, hoping she goes so the length between trips will be longer affording me more sleep. She is doing remarkably well, smart as a whip and eager to please.

The introduction to Eoin went like a dream. It's hilarious to watch them playing! She is a real spit-fire, Eoin definitely has his paws full. Another dog to rough dog-play with is just what he has needed. Now he mostly leaves Chanel (the kitty) alone, much to her chagrin since she actually likes to cat-play with Eoin, only objecting when he starts to play rough. Chanel is very curious about the puppy, waiting until she is asleep to come and check her out, or just staring at her from across the room. A few hisses and growls as boundaries are set, but getting along fine.

I know, you're dying to know what her name is, right? We gave her a Scottish name, as with Eoin. It is the feminine form of Gregor and means "watchful, alert". Drum roll please......................

Introducing, Greer ~ ~ ~


And here they are together the first day ~ ~ ~

Greer and Eoin

I will be creating Greer's very own pages on our Highland English Shepherds website, with photo album and blog of her own. Watch her grow!

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