Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Surprise Call & Road Trip Three

Come Tuesday morning, May 19, Dan the WSU Extension agent, called to tell us a lady just contacted him about land she would like to sell. What are the odds of that kind of coincidence? At that point we were pretty clear about making an offer on the Tucker parcel. For some reason though, we had a dull, nagging doubt about whether there it would fill our needs adequately. Two days after Dan's call, we decided to telephone the lady and get more information. Boy, are we ever glad we did!

The 'lady' is Mrs. Minor, an absolute peach, she has 40 acres that have been in her family for 90 years. Her parents homesteaded 80 acres originally, building a log cabin in the horse and buggy days. The front 40 acres were sold years ago, it's the back 40 she needs to sell now. How she loves this land! Based on the information she gave, we definitely wanted to know more. Another generous act of kindness, Dan visited the property and emailed photos to us! These, of course, peaked our interest further and Tom decided he just had to go walk it for himself, and that very weekend since it was the only time for a few weeks he could. I, on the other hand, couldn't make another trip so soon, exhaustion you know, and it wasn't enough time to find a pet sitter. So I stayed home with the critters, eagerly, no, anxiously awaiting Tom's every telephone call with new details.

So.... YES, we gave Mrs. Minor a verbal offer and she accepted!!! Now a real estate attorney is drawing up the papers. We're so close! We should be more excited, and we are, but we are also guarding our feelings, just in case. When all is said and done, there will be great rejoicing in the streets! We both feel so good about this property and can hardly wait until our first trip together to set foot on our new land.

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