Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heart of the Home

Our new (to us) Waterford Stanley cookstove is the first tangible piece for our soon-to-be new home, and the very heart of that home- heat, food prep, hot water. Our dream is taking on a different shape and feeling... reality... we can feel it. I can't begin to describe the excitement!

The story behind the stove- Michel Froment purchased the stove 30 years ago for his small starter house. Since adding on and updating, the stove has been parked in his garage for the last 15 years or so. At long last, Michel decided it was time to part with his trusty stove, to pass it on to someone who would use and appreciate its versatility and beauty. Someone like us! Not two days after placing a for sale ad on a west coast B.C. internet site, we just happened to Google the "Waterford Stanley" looking for all information we could find about the make of cookstove we truly desired for our future home, and up pops his ad. You can't believe how incredulous this find really is, the chance of it! We immediately contacted Jean-Paul, made arrangements to send a deposit, and finally the trip to collect the stove. So, now it waits in our garage for it's new place in our straw bale home!

A little about Waterford Stanley:
For generations, European cookstoves have been renowned for solid construction and precision engineering. Stanley cookstoves are no exception. They're made in Waterford, Ireland, just a few hundred feet from the world-famous Waterford Crystal factory. Folks in Waterford take pride in their work. After all, nearly one out of every two households in Ireland uses a Waterford stove. Proven in over 100 years of continuous use!

Cast iron construction is symbolic of the best quality and durability with the added bonus of even heat. The Stanley is made completely of iron! Other manufacturers use iron only in the most heat-stressed areas of their stoves. Because of its solid cast iron walls and linings, Stanleys are a solid investment, lasting for generations. Even after almost 30 years of selling Stanley cookstoves, there are virtually no calls for parts. Our Stanley has a black porcelain front and powder coated sides and splashback which wipe clean and look new for years. When treated with care its the best finish there is. The splashback has a plate warming shelf and two towel bars. Although, Michel suggested these can be used to dry socks and such, too!

The roast-size oven easily holds a 25 pound turkey or large roast. There is even a convenient thermometer on the oven door to aid in monitoring oven temps. The firebox is the largest in its price class. All doors are securely gasketed for controlled combustion. Holds fire as long as 8 hours. Cast iron liners are easy to replace, although ours are still in good condition.

The side panels and back of the Stanley are packed with fireproof mineral wool. This allows for close clearance to combustible surfaces and the ability to use the cookstove in mild weather without overheating the kitchen. Our Stanley also has a stainless steel waterfront which connects to house plumbing for our hot water needs.

Needless to say, I can hardly wait to use our Stanley!!!


Catherine said...

Ohh My!! Stanley is simply stunning! What an amazing find. I am sure the three of you will live happily together for the rest of your lives.

Congratulations Krystal and Tom, on the new addition to your family.

Amber said...

Tom better watch out for the competition. Stanley could become a habit! What an amazing narrative you provided. Thank you for taking us on your journey with you. I've always said you should be a writer! luv ya, sis!

Beegirl said...

How fantastic! Love your stove. Found your blog via Freedom Gardens. We have family in Blaine, WA. Saw Vancouver for the first time last fall. So very beautiful. Can't wait to follow your blog. Best - Beegirl