Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is It Possible?

"Is it really possible for us to live in the country on a small retirement income?"

The question was thus raised. How, I forgot, but we couldn't get it out of our minds nonetheless. Uncontrollably, we were therefore launched into exploration, research, soul-searching. Five months long. Is it? The answer... an unqualified, YES!

So begins our incredible journey into buying rural, raw land in Northeastern Washington state. There our hope is to build a small straw bale home, use power generated via the sun, utilize a basic grey water system, rain water collection, cook/heat/bake/hot water with a 25 year old Waterford Stanley cookstove (more on that little gem later!), sawdust toilet, continue to raise rabbits and have our little flock of laying hens, grow all our own veggies, add fruit, beef and dairy to that list.

It is ambitious, I'll admit. It is also completely doable. We know they'll be days we want to throw in the towel, throw up our hands, throw something. Perhaps we're a bit loony. Or maybe we're more sane than we've ever been in our lives! One thing is certain- we're ready for this adventure.
It's time.

Watch us spread our wings and FLY !

1 comment:

Amber said...

So much for my eggs, fresh milk & veggies from you! I wish you much happiness but have to be honest & say I am a little...dumbfounded at the notion my sister will be living the way outlined & so far from me. I love you with all my heart!